Sustainable Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells

The purpose of drill rig is to drill a hole in the ground. The hole purpose is to tap an oil and gas reservoir.Rigs operate both on land and sea offshore . Drilling rigs are large and noisy and it has many pieces of equipments and most of its are huge.

Formation Of Oil

Oil and gas are naturally occurring hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons and their associated impurities occur in rock formation that are usually buried thousands of feet or meters below the surface.

Finding Oil

Examine the surface rocks and terrain with the help of satellite images.

Use sensitive gravity meters to measure tiny changes in earth’s gravitational field that could indicate flowing oil.

Use seismology, creating shock waves that pass through hidden rock layers and interpreting the waves that are reflected back to surface.

Top Drives

Top drive is a device with a powerful built in motor that turns the pipe and bit. The motor turns a threaded drive shaft , which the crew inserts in to top of the drill string , it rotates the drill string and the bit.

The Drill String

The drill string consist of drill pipe and heavy walled pipe called drill collars, are metal tubes through which the drilling fluid is pumped. Drill collars are heavy because they are used in the bottom part of string to put weight on the bit. This weight presses down the bit so the bit cutters can bite in to the formation and drill it.

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    Sustainable Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells

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