Mixing Equipments

Beater Mixer

  • Consist of rotating blade which has planetary motion so as to reach all parts of the vessel


  • Heavier in construction and draws more power than a kneader.
  • Mixes additives and coloring agents in stiff materials.

Banburry Mixer

  • Internal Mixer
  • Heavy Duty two Arm Mixer
  • 30-40 rpm arm speed
  • Compound rubber and plastic solids

Muller Mixer

  • Smearing or rubbing action
  • Consist of a pan with central vertical shaft
  • wide heavy wheels attached to the shaft, which drive the wheels in circular path
  • plows guide the solid under the wheels
  • especially effective in uniform coating of particles with a small amount of liquid

Power Requirement

  • Large amounts of mechanical energy are needed to mix heavy plastic masses.
  • Only part of energy supplied is directly useful for mixing.
  • Mixers that work on small quantities of material, dividing it into very small elements, make more effective use of energy than those that work slowly on large quantities.
  • The shorter the mixing time required to bring the material to the desired degree of uniformity, the larger the useful fraction of energy supplied will be.
  • The energy supplied appears as heat, which must be removed to avoid damaging the machine or the material.

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