Game Design

Game design experience starts with an idea, often a modification of an existing concept. The game idea may fall within one or several genres. Designers often experiment with genres. The game designer usually produce an initial game proposal document containing the concept, game play, feature list, setting, story target audience requirement and schedules, staff and budgets estimates.

Many decisions are made during the course of a game development aboutthe game’s design; it is the responsibility of the designers to decide which element will be implemented.
As the topic inscribe, game design is not narrowed to any particular or type of game and its design but game design as a discipline. This requires a focus on games in and themselves. Rather than placing game in the service of another field such as sociology, literary criticism, computer science, our aim is to study game in their own disciplinary space. Because we often borrow knowledge from mathematics and cognitive science and other fields. We do so to help establish a field if game design proper. (According to Brain Sutton-smith writes: in the study of game design), 1971.

The major objectives of this paper are as followed:
1. Providing suggestions with advantages and disadvantages of game design.
2. Providing other application areas of game design experience.
3. To provide solution that will creat space for creativity and productivity in the game industry.
4. To provide and analyze game design using video game design.

Design is a general approach in the field of production either in social science, natural science and sciences as the case may be. The value to which design has added to production, in computer science and engineering. Game designer as a profession stands to gain respect for each game produced, income in a moderate or larger folds, the chance to becoming famous is at a higher space. Since design is a continuous process, there is a joy derived from meeting the market demands. Weighing the pros and cons of a career in game design can help someone make a better decision before entering the field.

The scope of this topic covers the Historical background of game design, positive and negatives effects of game design in video game design.Components of game design in video game design, other application areas of game design, importance of game design using video game design.

This research is divided into 4 chapters, which are further subdivided into sections.
Chapter one is introduction which is further divided into sub sections, they include overview, objectives of the study, significance of the study, limitation of the study, scope of the study, organization of work. Chapter two is the literature review which is divided into one section it include the historical background of the study
Chapter three is findings. It is further divided into sub sections which include: components of the study, the applications areas of game design, mode of operation of game design, importance of game design, advantages and disadvantages of game design Chapter four is the summary, and it is sub divided into one section which is the conclusion and the possible recommendation of the subject matter.

Each person defines games in his own way- the anthropologists and folklorists in terms of historical origin; the social scientist in terms of psychological and social functions there is over whelming evidence in all this that the meaning of game is.
There is need to consider the meaning of some of the word associated with the discipline of game design:
a) GAME: Game is an activity that you do to have fun. Or an activity or a sport with rules in which people or teams compete against each other. According to Oxford dictionary (Advance learner) 6th Edition.
b) DESIGN: the general arrangement of the different part of something that is made. E.g. building, book, machine etc. According to oxford dictionary (advance learner) 6th edition.
c) GAME DESIGNER: a game designer is a person who designs gameplay conceiving and designing the rules and structure of game. According to Brain Sutton-smith: in the study of games.
A game designer is not necessarily a programmer, visual designer or project manager, although he/she can also play these roles in the creation of a game. A game designer might work alone or as part of a larger team. Some or many game designers starts their career in the testing department s, where mistakes made by others are seen firsthand.

We shall discuss some discipline in the field of game design.

a) LEAD DESIGNER: the lead designer coordinates the work of other designers and is the main visionary of the game.
b) SYSTEM DESIGNER: the system designer designs and balances the games rules and the underlying mathematical patterns.
c) LEVEL DESIGNER: the level designer is person responsible for creating game environment, levels and missions. And discipline which may not be discuss but are listed below;
d) CONTENT DESIGNER: The content designer is responsible for the creation of characters, items, puzzles, and mission.
e) GAME WRITING: This involves writing of dialogue, text, and story.
f) USER INTERFACE DESIGN: this designer constructs the user interactions and feedback interface, like menus or heads-up displays.
g) AUDIO DESIGN: Involves the process of creating or incorporating all of the sounds that are in the game, like sound effects or voice acting.
Furthermore, as the topic implies (GAME DESIGN). Game design is the creation of the design view of a particular game which may be card games, social games, video game or any kind of game. The same designer carries the designing gameplay, conceiving and designing rules and structures that result in experience for players.

It is also important to note that numerous games have narrative element which give a context to an event in a game. Make the activity of the game less abstract and enhance its entertainment value, although narrative elements are not always clearly present or o present at all. It should be noted that some narratologist claims that all game have narrative element.
Narrative in practice can be the starting point for the development of a game, or can be added to the design that started as a set of game mechanics.

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