Risk Management in Banks

commercial banks are in the risk business. In the process of providing financial services, they assume various kinds of financial risks. The past decade has seen dramatic losses in the banking industry. Firms that had been performing well suddenly announced large losses due to credit exposures that turned sour, interest rate positions taken, or derivative exposures that may or may not have been assumed to hedge balance sheet risk. In response to this, commercial banks have almost universally embarked upon an upgrading of their risk management and control systems. 

Bank's Vision and Mission

The Bank has codified its ethos, values, culture and aspirations in its Vision and Mission statements. The Vision and Mission statements were last revised in the year 2000 and a need was felt to revise these statements keeping in view the changed market conditions. Accordingly, the statements were revised in the year 2009-10 and the revised statements are as under:-

Vision :

“To be a state-of-the-art, customer-centric, values driven and professionally managed banking organisation; committed to the highest standards of good corporate governance practices; perpetual enhancement of the wealth of the shareholders and welfare of all stakeholders and the society”.

Mission :

“To provide one stop solutions to all the banking needs of customers through a highly motivated, professional and efficient human resources pool with quality of service, customer care and customers’ business in focus by efficient use of Information Technology in a cost effective manner; meeting the expectations of all stakeholders through transparent, true and fair disclosures and responsive management principles in all the activities; to strive to fulfil corporate social responsibility with special emphasis on financial inclusion throughout the State of Rajasthan and aiming to provide the best banking services to one and all”.

The major distinguishing features of the revised Vision and Mission Statements were laying emphasis on being state-of-the-art Bank, adopting good corporate governance practices, welfare of all stakeholders and the society, providing one stop solutions to all customers, efficient use of information technology in a cost effective manner, transparent/ true/ fair disclosures, responsive management principles, fulfilling corporate social responsibility and implementing financial inclusion in the State of Rajasthan.




State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur offers various deposit plans that you can choose from depending on the nature of deposit, term period, unique saving and withdrawal features. Apart from competitive interest rates and convenient withdrawal options, our deposit plans offer other features such as overdraft facility, outstation cheque collections, safe deposit lockers, ATM's etc.


• Simplest deposit option available to the depositor.

• Easy to operate. Terms and conditions kept simple to facilitate understanding.

• No hidden costs.

• Low minimum balance requirement.

• Option to withdraw money through withdrawal forms or by cheque.

• An ideal option to cultivate the habit of banking and saving amongst the younger generation.

• Students above 10 years can open accounts in their own names.

• Easy withdrawal of cash under single window concept.


India is one of the fastest growing economies of Asia and offer unique opportunities to Non-Resident Indians, both individuals and corporations, for investment. The country is looking towards its Non-Residents for flow of foreign exchange resources and invite all Non-Resident Indians to contribute their mite in its developmental activities. One of such avenues is deposit of funds with the banks and we, the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, welcome you all for putting your deposits in any of our branches. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur is one of the associates of State Bank of India with over 833 offices in India and a network of correspondents all over the world. We can meet all your needs offering satisfactory Banking services.

We offer undernoted type of accounts:

 Finest and fastest rates for any foreign exchange transaction, for any account and for any delivery.

 Forward cover as well as rollover cover.

 Market intelligence from our extensive database

 Profiles, prospects, rate forcast for foreign currencies.

 Counseling, risk management and hedging of your total foreign exchange exposure in the long-term perspective.


International Banking services of State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur are delivered for the benefit of its Indian customers, non-resident Indians, foreign entities and banks. Amongst the various services offered by us are. For this purpose 68 of our branches are authorized to do Forex business.

 Services for exporters and importers

 Services for domestic customers

 SBBJ expo gold card

 Export credit interest rate

 Interest gold card

 Service charges


WE provide financial products / services of a wide range for large, medium and small corporates Infrastructure, non-infrastructure, manufacturing units, and services such as tourism- we are there to cater to the needs of all. We provide both fixed interest and floating interest loans.

SBBJ offers:

 Working Capital Finance including Trade Finance

 Export Credit

 Project Finance

 Deferred Payment Guarantee

 Term Loan

 Loan Syndication


We, at State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur have always understood the need for developing the agrarian community of the nation. As such we are committed to the development of Agriculture, not only in the state of Rajasthan, but also elsewhere in the country. To cater to the needs of the farmers, we offer finance for a number of activities as enumerated below

 Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC)

 Kisan Gold Card Scheme (KGC)

 Loans for Purchase of Agricultural Implements:


• Interest

• Simplified Common Loan Application Form For MSEs

• Regional MSME Care Centre


 Cross selling activities

 E-mitra

 Dermat services

 Internet banking

 ATM services

 Real time gross settlement

 National electronic fund transfer

 Zero balance current account

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