Future Memory System

The upcoming problems requiring very huge computing power make us today looking properly for new technical solutions not only in terms of CPU enhancement but also in terms of other PC components. Regardless of the technology used for CPU production, the data number transferred for processing is determined also by possibilities of other subsystems. Capacity of modern devices of mass memory reflects this tendency. CDs discs allow storing up to 700 MBytes, the developing technology of DVD-ROM - up to 17 GBytes. Technology of magnetic recording develops quickly as well - for the last year the typical capacity of a hard disc in the desktop computers has increased up to 15-20 GBytes and higher. But in the future computers are to process hundreds of gigabytes and even terabytes - much more than any current CDs or hard discs can accommodate. Servicing of such data volumes and their transfer for processing by ultraspeed processors requires completely new approaches when creating storage devices.

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  • Rajdeep Janorkar

    Future Memory System 7 months ago