Paper Battery

The creation of the paper battery drew from a diverse pool of disciplines, requiring expertise in materials science, energy storage and chemistry. In august 2007, a research team at Rensselear polytechnic Institute led by Drs. Robert Linhardt , the Ann and John H.Broad Bent , senior constellation professors of bio catalysis and Metabolic engineering at Rensselaer, the Pulickel M.Ajayan , Professor of materials science and engineering AND Omkaram Nalamasu , professor of chemistry with a joint appointment in Material science and engineering developed the paper battery, also known as nano composite paper.

Battery Chemistry :
Battery Chemistry Electrochemical reaction - a chemical reaction between elements which creates electrons. Oxidation occurs on the metals(electrodes), which creates the electrons. Electrons are transferred down the pile via the saltwater paper(the electrodes). A charge is introduced at one pole, which builds as it moves down the pile.

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