Blood Collection Monitor

BLOOD COLLECTION MONITOR is an advanced device which is aimed to collect the blood prior to collection with use of latest technology in place of earlier, insufficient, conventional methods i.e. without accurate weight by using random movement.

The main concept behind this project is use of mechanically provide rocking movement to blood and proper mixing with anticoagulants. Also restrict the blood flow from donor when particular limit is reached. I.e. 350ml or 450ml.This is done by load cell and by comparing signal activate the stopping clamp is activated.

As, sensing range of load cell is in mill volts; directly the signal can be given as input to the circuit because it will provide insufficient output. So, it is required to be properly amplified. So, the block diagram is designed taking into account this matter. Then comparing it with reference signal which is decided by many experiments. It activates the clamp and stops the rocking movement of plate when weight in blood bag is presented.

It is approximate to the actual design but more function of the instrument by extra features like flow detector, flow rate measurement etc. So, the component specifications may differ from the actual one.


As we all know that blood collection monitor is very helpful for collection of accurate blood, it’s a compact instrument that provide smooth and gentle rocking movement of homogeneous mixing with anti-coagulant, so in modern lifestyle most of the doctors prefer these types of instrument for collection of blood very accurately.

Blood collection monitor is very helpful to donate blood. what happen in past that there’s no such types of instruments were present so it is inaccurate random process for doctors to take blood from the donor and also sometimes improper mixing with anti coagulant lead to waste the valuable donated blood that process may not helpful to accurately blood collection.

With the help of this modern instrument it is very easy for doctors to take the blood from the donor, and through this instrument may also required less effort. Collection of blood accurately and safely.


The working of this circuit is so simple .Mains supply is given to the 12-0-12 center-tapped transformer. Output of secondary winding is given to the bridge rectifier IC .Then to get peak-to-peak output voltage signal, capacitors are used. In lab-application, variable power supplies are preferred.


 Whole assembly made such that one side of plate is joined with DC motor and U shaped bended rod which can able to push and pull plate from one side as plate is fixed with assembly from center power to DC motor lead rocking or sea show type movement which we want. It is most important part of instrument as mixing blood with anticoagulant properly.

Sensing weight of blood bag during donating the blood it is most important task as on this basis measuring, displaying, and further stopping of blood flow mechanism works.

 To measure the blood weight we used load cell as a sensor. In load cell according to change in weight input output in mill volt also changes by using this basic principle weight sensing is done. Load cell has in built bridge balancing circuit with weight sensor.


The application of blood collection monitor is very widely used in blood bank and also in hospitals.

Now a day’s almost all hospital’s doctor prefer these instrument for accurate collection of blood. Through this instrument we can easily collect the blood of donor and this instrument is also helpful in mixing the blood with anticoagulant so blood does not clot and also to collect the accurate amount of blood. Also indicate flow rate from donor to bag and error in flow rate whether any obstruction in donor vein in any case.

Doctors and blood bank technicians prefer this instrument for the accurate collection of blood so we can say that its main application is in medical field and in hospitals.


Blood collection monitor is a useful instrument for doctors and so accurate for collection of blood so we found no any limitation in blood collection monitor right now.

But ours is designed for only 350ml blood collecting, as well as it has no any current weight display, flow indications.

Ours angular rocking movement is slightly large and jerky.


• In future this instrument will be facilities with more necessary parameters like flow rate, blood temp. Detector etc.

• Though motor used to rotate the plate not generating much noise but it will be removed in future.

• Now a day’s BCM is single unit but in future it may facilities with some storage space of bag. (that will be more useful in mobile blood bank)

• In future whole assembly make by fiber that’s making instrument lighter than present model.