Tempest Echelon

Interception of communications is a method of spying commonly employed by intelligence services, whereas there can now be no doubt that the purpose of the system is to intercept, at the very least, private and commercial communications, and not military communications, although the analysis carried out in the report has revealed that the technical capabilities of the system are probably not nearly as extensive as some sections of the media had assumed. Interception of messages is the major work for the intelligence agencies all over the world, to keep track of the spies and terrorists for preserving the security of the country from the leaking of sensitive documents and the terrorist attacks. By the work of the intelligence agencies the government is ensuring the security of the state. For that we have to enable our intelligence agencies with modern technologies like USA. For that we must setup an interception system. While developing this we have to consider about the privacy of common people and industrial organization. The targets for the ECHELON system developed by the NSA are apart from directing their ears towards terrorists and rogue states; ECHELON is also being used for purposes well outside its original mission. In America the regular discovery of domestic surveillance targeted at American civilians for reasons of “unpopular” political affiliation or for no probable cause at all in violation of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution of America– are consistently impeded by very elaborate and complex legal arguments and privilege claims by the intelligence agencies and the US government.

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