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Home Appliance Control System accessed by a remote device such as mobile phone or a palm-top to allow a home owner to control, monitor and coordinate home appliances. The objective of this project is to develop a device that allows for the user to remotely control and monitor multiple home appliances using a cellular phone. This system will be a powerful and flexible tool that will offer this service at any time, and from anywhere with the constraints of the technologies being applied . Possible target appliances include climate control system, security system and lights; anything with an electrical interface. The aim of the proposed system is to develop a cost effective solution that will provide controlling of home appliances remotely and enable home security against intrusion in the absence of homeowner. The system provides availability due to development of a low cost system. The home appliances control system with an affordable cost was thought to be built that should be mobile providing remote access to the appliances and allowing home security. Though devices connected as home and office appliances consume electrical power. These devices should be controlled as well as turn on /off if required. Most of the times it was done manually. Now it is a necessity to control devices more effectively and efficiently at any time from anywhere. In this system, we are going to develop a cellular phone based home/office appliance controller [6], [9]. This system is designed for controlling arbitrary devices, it includes a cell phone (not included with the system kit, end user has to connect his/her cell phone to the system) which is connect to the system via head set. To active the cellular phone unit on the system a call is to be made and as the call is answered, in response the user would enter a two/three digit password to access the system to control devices. As the caller press the specific password, it results in turning ON or OFF specific device. The device switching is achieved by Relays . Security preserved because these dedicated passwords owned and known by selected persons only. For instance, our system contains an alarm unit giving the user a remote on/off mechanism, which is capable of informing up to five different numbers over telephony network about the nature of the event.

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