Maemo platform is composed of mainstream Linux and open source software widely deployed in the most popular Linux distributions. At its core is Hildon Application framework, which is based on GNOME technology. GNOME provides an intuitive and attractive PC desktop for end-users based on Linux, and a powerful framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the PC desktop. Maemo adapts this widely deployed desktop technology to handheld devices with extensions and modifications to evolve a user interface framework more suited for handheld category devices. The development platform is targeted towards open source developers and innovation houses developing applications and new technologies for Linux based Internet connected handheld devices. Maemo is a result of Nokia's effort to develop a handheld device based on Linux and open source technologies. The first product that resulted from this effort is the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Maemo development platform enables development for the N770 product. The motivation behind maemo and its availability to the open source community is to stimulate mobile Linux technology development and adoption.

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