Tripwire Intrusion System

Tripwire is a reliable intrusion detection system. It is a software tool that checks to see what has changed in your system. It mainly monitors the key attribute of your files; by key attribute we mean the binary signature, size and other related data. Security and operational stability must go hand in hand; if the user does not have control over the various operations taking place, then naturally the security of the system is also compromised.

Tripwire has a powerful feature which pinpoints the changes that has taken place, notifies the administrator of these changes, determines the nature of the changes and provide you with information you need for deciding how to manage the change. Tripwire Integrity management solutions monitor changes to vital system and configuration files. Any changes that occur are compared to a snapshot of the established good baseline. The software detects the changes, notifies the staff and enables rapid recovery and remedy for changes. All Tripwire installation can be centrally managed. Tripwire software’s cross platform functionality enables you to manage thousands of devices across your infrastructure.

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  • Rajdeep Janorkar

    Tripwire Intrusion System 7 months ago