Mercedes Benz F125 Hydrogen Vehiclde

The properties of hydrogen that contribute to its use as a combustible fuel are its:

Wide range of flammability.
Low ignition energy.
Small quenching distance.
High auto ignition temperature.
High flame speed at stoichiometric ratios.
High diffusivity.
Very low density.

Hydrogen has a high specific energy, high flame speed, wide range of flammability, and clean burning characteristics which suggest a possibility of high performance in internal combustion engines (ICE).In the new Mercedes-Benz research vehicle, the fuel cell stack is centrally located under the bonnet at the front, while the compact electric motors are installed near the wheels in the front and rear axle areas. The composite hydrogen reservoir in the area of the centre tunnel, between the front seats and the floor assembly, has a capacity of around 7.5 kilograms and is ideally protected against the consequences of accidents.

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    Mercedes Benz F125 Hydrogen Vehiclde

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