The Skybus project was envisioned while looking at the pathetic road condition created by the metro infrastructure put in place on the wide roads which has caused enormous hardship and delays, traffic jams for the daily road users. The concept of metro as the solution to the city traffic jams as well as to handle large people movement from one area of the city to the other end seems very bright when looked upon from the surface level, whereas in reality people who owned the cars as well as the public transport bus system operated by the government will not evaporate overnight on the inauguration of metro. The government may reduce a few number of buses in specific routes to accommodate the metro. Whereas private car owners under no circumstance would like to part with their personal cars, viewing this scenario traffic congestion in metro routes is not going to reduce substantially. Whereas installation and commissioning of metro has eroded road space by placing pillars along the road to run the metro overhead on the elevated platform. This concept of eroding road space will under all circumstances create narrow spaces on the important roads for car and bus utility. If the metro was put in place at least a decayed ago many city dwellers would have not gone in for purchase of personal four wheelers. With this in mind we thought about to build a system where the space erosion by a mask rapid transport system should provide extra road facility to improve the traffic condition as well as provide alternate transport system as metro.