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Your resume is your foot in the door. As your primary marketing tool, your resume needs to do an excellent job of selling you, your skills and your overall suitability for the role under consideration. To help you get that first interview, we’ve compiled some tips: Generally speaking, your resume should not exceed two pages, plus a cover letter. Be concise. Your resume may be one of several. Our recruiters access all candidates through our online recruitment tool, so we prefer you to apply online. Prepare your resume in reverse chronological order using dashes rather than bullets and include your e-mail address to better streamline your information with the online recruitment tool; our first contact with you is often through e-mail. Ensure your cover letter summarizes how the skills and accomplishments on your resume make you our ideal candidate. Contact Information – name, current mailing address, phone number, e-mail address on the first page. Skills and Abilities – list your relevant talents. Work Experience – start with your most recent employment first, then work backwards. Include titles, company names, locations and start/end dates (month and year). Responsibilities – don’t forget to describe job-specific skills and the extent of your knowledge. Client Experience – we’d like to hear about your successes with clients. Include client awards and recognition. Awards and Achievements – Did you save your company money? Did you create a new product or service? Did you increase sales or decrease costs? Tell us! Also list your specific awards and recommendations. Formal Education – start with the most recent, and include degrees, diplomas and certificates. Professional Development – catalogue career-related courses, workshops and seminars not part of your formal education.

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