ATM Using Fingerprint

Biometrics based authentication is a potential candidate toreplace password-based authentication. Among all the biometrics, fingerprint based identification is one of the most mature and proven technique. Cryptography provides the necessary tools for accomplishing secure and authenticated transactions [3]. It not only protects the data from theft or alteration, but also can be used for user authentication. In a conventional cryptographic system, the user authentication is possession based. The weakness of such authentication systems is that it cannot assure the identity of the maker of a transaction; it can only identify the maker’s belongings (cards) or what he remembers (passwords, PINs etc.) Automatic biometric authentication is an emerging field to address this problem. Fingerprint authentication is the most popular method among biometric authentication. However, it is infeasible to encrypt such a large volume of image using conventional cryptography for the purpose of centralized fingerprint matching [6].A stronginterest in biometric authentication is to integrate encryption keywith biometrics.

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    ATM Using Fingerprint 7 months ago