Self Defending Networks

The foundation for a self-defending network is integrated security - security that is native to all aspects of an organization. Every device in the network - from desktops through the LAN and across the WAN - plays a part in securing the networked environment through a globally distributed defense. Such systems help to ensure the privacy of information transmitted and to protect against internal and external threats, while providing corporate administrators with control over access to corporate resources. SDN shows that the approach to security has evolved from a point product approach to this integrated security approach These self-defending networks will identify threats, react appropriately to the severity level, isolate infected servers and desktops, and reconfigure the network resources in response to an attack. The vision of the Self-Defending Network brings together Secure Connectivity, Threat Defense and Trust and Identity Management System with the capability of infection containment and rouge device isolation in a single solution

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    Self Defending Networks 7 months ago