Space Communications Protocol

The goal of the Space Communications Protocol Standards (SCPS) project is to provide a suite of standard data handling protocols which (from a user viewpoint) make a remote space vehicle appear to be just another "node on the Internet". A file handling protocol (the SCPS File Protocol, or SCPS-FP), optimized towards the up-loading of spacecraft commands and software, and the downloading of collections of telemetry data. An underlying retransmission control protocol (the SCPS Transport Protocol, or SCPS-TP), optimized to provide reliable end-to-end delivery of spacecraft command and telemetry messages between computers that are communicating over a network containing one or more potentially unreliable space data transmission paths. A data protection mechanism (the SCPS Security Protocol, or SCPS-SP) that provides the end-to-end security and integrity of such message exchange. A networking protocol (the SCPS Network Protocol, or SCPS-NP) that supports both connectionless and connection-oriented routing of these messages through networks containing space or other wireless data links.

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