Cyberterrorism is any act of terrorism that uses information systems or digital technology (computers or computer networks) as either an instrument or a target. Cyberterrorism can either be "international", "domestic" or "political", according to the nature of the act, but it is always an act involving a combination of the terrorist and the computer. Cyberterrorism is a new terrorist tactic that makes use of information systems or digital technology, especially the Internet, as either an instrument or a target. As the Internet becomes more a way of life with us, it is becoming easier for its users to become targets of the cyberterrorists. The number of areas in which cyberterrorists could strike is frightening, to say the least. We, as the Information Technology people of tomorrow need to study and understand the weaknesses of existing systems, and figure out ways of ensuring the world's safety from cyberterrorists. A number of issues here are ethical, in the sense that computing technology is now available to the whole world, but if this gift is used wrongly, the consequences could be disastrous.

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