Rain Technology

RAIN technology is the most scalable software cluster technology for the Internet marketplace today. There is no limit on the size or the performance of a RAIN cluster. Within a RAIN cluster, there is no master-slave relationship or primary-secondary pairing. All nodes are active and can participate in load balancing. Any node can fail-over to any node. A RAIN cluster can tolerate multiple node failures, as long as at least one node is healthy. It employs highly efficient consistent state sharing and decision making protocols, so that the entire cluster can function as one system. The Internet is changing the way that people manage and access information. In the last five years, the amount of traffic on the Internet has been growing at an exponential rate. The World Wide Web has evolved from a hobbyists' toy to become one of the dominating media of our society. Ecommerce has grown past adolescence and multimedia content has come of age. Communication, computation and storage are converging to reshape the lives of everyone. Looking forward, this growth will continue for some time. There are four trends in the current growth of the Internet:

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