Tablet Personal Computer

A tablet PC is a laptop or slate-formed mobile computer that is outfitted with a touchscreen or screen that can be controlled with a digital pen or stylus, or via finger touch. A tablet PC does not require a keyboard or mouse. End-users can directly key in data on a tablet PC. It also offers greater mobility than a conventional laptop. A tablet computer, or simply tablet, is a medium-sized personal mobile computer integrated into a flat touch screen and primarily using stylus, digital pen or fingertip input along with a virtual onscreen keyboard in lieu of a physical keyboard. Firstly, older tablet personal computers are mainly x86 based, and are fully functional personal computers employing a slightly modified personal computer OS (Like Windows or Ubuntu Linux) supporting their touch-screen, instead of a traditional display mouse, and keyboard. A typical tablet personal computer needs to be stylus driven, because operating the typical desktop based OS requires a high precision to select GUI widgets, such as a the close window button.

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