Chameleon Chip

A reconfigurable processor is a microprocessor with erasable hardware that can rewire itself dynamically. This allows the chip to adapt effectively to the programming tasks demanded by the particular software they are interfacing with at any given time. Ideally, the reconfigurable processor can transform itself from a video chip to a central processing unit (CPU) to a graphics chip, for example, all optimized to allow applications to run at the highest possible speed. Today, designing a chip crosses too many architectural boundaries. Nobody has figured out a way to get a chip to meet all the criteria for the ultimate consumer device. But we might be getting closer. Now a new kind of chip adapts to any programming task by effectively erasing its hardware design and regenerating new hardware design that is perfectly suited to run the software at hand. These chips are referred to as reconfigurable processors. These new chips are able to rewire themselves on the fly to create the exact hardware needed to run a piece of software at the utmost speed. This new chip is called CHAMELEON CHIP.

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    Chameleon Chip 7 months ago