Discovering Conditional CFD

This paper investigates the discovery of conditional functional dependencies (CFDs). CFDs are a recent extension of functional dependencies (FDs) by supporting patterns of semantically related constants, and can be used as rules for cleaning relational data. However, finding CFDs is an expensive process that involves intensive manual effort. To effectively identify data cleaning rules, we develop techniques for discovering CFDs from sample relations. We provide three methods for CFD discovery. The first, referred to as CFDMiner, is based on techniques for mining closed itemsets, and is used to discover constant CFDs, namely, CFDs with constant patterns only. The other two algorithms are developed for discovering general CFDs. As remarked earlier, constant CFDs are particularly important for object identification, and thus deserve a separate treatment. One wants efficient methods to discover constant CFDs alone, without paying the price of discovering all CFDs. Indeed, as will be seen later, constant CFD discovery is often several orders of magnitude faster than general CFD discovery.

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