Ultrabook device specification and roadmap changes made to the Intel®Core™ processors are enabling this new breed of devices. Ultrabook systems carry thin and light with the best in performance, responsiveness, security and battery life – filling the gap between desktop/laptop and tablet. We are reinventing the PC again. The new specification means significant changes to the hardware that goes inside these new portable devices An Ultrabook device is ultra-responsive and ultra-sleek. Laptops are getting thinner and lighter, faster and sleeker, and booting up quicker than they did before. This isn’t a revolution, but rather the continued evolution of a product that once had floppy drives and modem ports. Some companies’ devices have already hit the market, while others, including Dell, are expected to introduce models at very soon. The Ultrabook is a multi-year evolution from Intel's perspective. It's going to begin as a pilot program with some Sandy Bridge systems this year, it'll ramp heavily next year with Ivy Bridge and be mainstream by the time Haswell arrives in 2013.An Ultrabook is a computer in a category of higher-end thin and lightweight ultraportable laptops, defined by a specification from Intel.

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