WISENET is a wireless sensor network that monitors the environmental conditions such as light, temperature, and humidity. This network is comprised of nodes called “motes” that form an ad-hoc network to transmit this data to a computer that function as a server. The server stores the data in a database where it can later be retrieved and analyzed via a web-based interface. The network works successfully with an implementation of one sensor mote. Wireless sensor-actuator networks can provide the ability to continuously monitor the integrity of structures in real-time, detect damage at an early stage, and provide robustness in the case of catastrophic failures with a fraction of cost associated with today’s wired networks. However, sensor-actuator networks require a new paradigm of computing—one, which explicitly addresses less capable hardware, unreliable communication with, limited bandwidth, and severe energy constraints. The algorithms and software tools will facilitate monitoring and protection of civil structures using such networks.

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