Paper Battery


Today the biggest problem faced by the electronics industry is the size of the battery as gadgets gets thinner and smaller day by day. But at certain point the battery size and its weight creates an obstacle. To overcome this ‘Paper Battery’ present the ultimate solution. The paper battery is literally a conducting paper with a lot of power packed inside it. The various problems faced by the commonly used batteries and how the paper battery offers the solution to all these problems. A detailed construction of paper battery is explained in this paper. A comparison of SWCNT and MWCNT is also shown in this paper. This paper also contains the possible applications which could change our lives. The safety issues of Li-ion batteries, the limitations of NiCad & NiMH and the drawbacks of lead acid battery are discussed in this paper. The advantage of paper battery over these batteries is also described.


There has been a growing demand for thinner and smaller electronic devices. To achieve those demands “Paper Battery‟ offers the best solution. Paper battery is actually a cellulose based „paper‟ with CNT deposited on either side of paper. A stack of such papers makes a paper battery. Some batteries use Silver Nano Wires instead of CNT. It is extremely thin, flexible, light weight and stores much power in less space. Recently developed paper battery combines the Li-ion based chemicals to make a combination of Li-ion and paper battery.