Airborne Internet

Airborne Internet is a private, secure and reliable peer-to-peer aircraft communications network that uses the same technology as the commercial Internet. It is an implementation which connects aircraft to a ground-based Internet access node, including the information which is passed across this communication link. It provides airborne access to wealth of Internet information and resources. It is convenient and has several uses like flight planning, en route reservations, travel arrangements. It is useful in providing the information about weather, surrounding airspace environment and for aircraft-to-aircraft communications. The security applications include flight tracking/deviation monitoring, in-flight video monitoring, cockpit voice/video recording. This Airborne Internet (A.I.) is an approach to provide a general purpose, multi-application data channel to aviation. In doing so, A.I. has the potential to provide significant cost savings for aircraft operators as it allows the consolidation of many functions into a common data channel. A primary application for A.I. is to track aircraft for the air traffic control system.