Cruise Control Devices

The concept of assisting driver in the task of longitudinal vehicle control is known as cruise control. Starting from the cruise control devices of the seventies and eighties, now the technology has reached cooperative adaptive cruise control. This paper will address the basic concept of adaptive cruise control and the requirement to realize its improved versions including stop and go adaptive cruise control and cooperative adaptive cruise control Most of the systems use RADAR as the sensor .a few use LIDAR also. Controller includes the digital signal processing modules and microcontroller chips specially designed for actuating throttle and brake. The stop and go cruise control is for the slow and congested traffic of the cities where the traffic may be frequently stopped. Cooperative controllers are not yet released but postulations are already there. This paper includes a brief theory of pulse Doppler radar and FM-CW LIDAR used as sensors and the basic concept of the controller.

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  • Rajdeep Janorkar

    Cruise Control Devices 5 months ago