Computerised Paper Evaluation Using Neural Network

Computers have revolutionized the field of education. The rise of internet has made computers a real knowledge bank providing distant education, corporate access etc. But the task of computers in education can be comprehensive only when the evaluation system is also computerized. The real assessment of students lies in the proper evaluation of their papers. Conventional paper evaluation leaves the student at the mercy of the teachers. Lady luck plays a major role in this current system of evaluation. Also the students don’t get sufficient opportunities to express their knowledge. Instead they are made to regurgitate the stuff they had learnt in their respective text books. This hinders their creativity to a great extent. Also a great deal of money and time is wasted. The progress of distance education has also been hampered by the non-availability of a computerized evaluation system. This paper addresses how these striking deficiencies in the educational system can be removed.

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  • Rajdeep Janorkar

    Computerised Paper Evaluation Using Neural Network 7 months ago