Integration of Cloud Computing with Artificial Intelligence

The technologies cloud computing (CC) and artificial intelligence (AI) are very much on business horizon as smart transformation technologies for companies to be smarter once, so as to render their services in a smart way to their customer, meaning promptly, efficiently and economically that best satisfy the customers. This study is a study of the application of CC, and AI in the leading telecom MGA-MENA Company in the middle-east.

The result of the application of the twin-technologies of cloud computing and artificial intelligence is the increase in operational services, product efficiencies and better products and more customer satisfying services of a Smart MGA-MENA Company. The conclusion that follows is that the big telecom enterprises like MGA-MENA with a large customer base and every minute umpteen transactions, cloud computing and artificial intelligence is a new and advanced business opportunity. So, it is suggested that telecoms need to be technologically dynamic and updated.

In the present digital transformation age, moving towards cloud computing (CC) has made a massive progress over the past few years, which transforms the traditional network communication architectures into a new one model, aiming to improve agility and reduce operation costs as cloud computing depends on sharing of resources which allow business to introduce new products and services in many sectors. Cloud computing can be described as an IT paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. Due to that, there is a huge amount of data from storage, transactions and connecting devices that become new sources for competitive advantage to support telecom to sustain in highly competitive environment.

This means telecom needs to be solution and service oriented and only connectivity provider. For example, an MGA-MENA Company, a world-renowned telecommunications group, currently operating in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, has deployed its cloud computing models offering significant improvements in its services and it aims to be the smart company making use of artificial intelligence in running its operation and managing customer experience.