Sugar Cane Harvesting

This idea was born after practically witnessing the hardships encountered by rural farmers in harvesting saplings. In recent years labor is not available for carrying out basic agricultural operations. The same problems are happening for the sugarcane and tapioca cultivators. India is one of the major producers of sugarcane and tapioca, In the sugarcane production India is ranking in second position with 4.09 millon hectares and producing 283 million tonnes with the production of 72.6 tonnes per hectare and also in tns producing 7620200 tonnes in 242400.0 hectares with 17500 kgs per hectare.

The main objective of this project paper is to demonstrate the process of harvesting tall field plants like sugarcane by cutting it and placing it into a box using grippers. Our ideas are mainly concentrated towards the basic mechanical, pneumatic and electrical systems to frame the project with robotic resemblance. With the increasing demands for energy, we may face the energy crisis and thus the system is targeted to work with high efficiency, without any fuel power requirements. The project is a simple idea which consists of a movable mechanical base coupled with a gripper and a motor to move the gripper arm setup to the side after harvesting the crops. It works on pneumatic power with two cylinders ready to facilitate the process. Circular saw is fixed at the base of the movable mechanical base.