Smart Voting

The main objective of the democracy is "vote" by which the people can elect the candidates for forming an efficient government to satisfy their needs and requests such that their standard living can be improved. In developing countries like "INDIA" the election commission follows manual voting mechanism which is done by electronic voting machine. This machine is placed in the poll booth centre and is monitored by higher officials. due to some illegal activities the polling centre are misused and people's vote to right has been denied.

This seldom occurs in rural areas as well as in urban cities because the educated people are not interested in casting their votes to candidates who represent their respective areas. To ensure100% voting automation came into play. But this automated system have been approved only on some developed countries since security have not been ensured to a large extent. Our main aim of the proposed system is to develop a compatible voting machine with high security . The proposed system is mainly designed for our country. It has three phases. First the details of the persons who are above 18years are extracted from aadhar card database since it had became mandatory in present scenario.

Automatically a new voter id with necessary details will be created and an intimation will be given to the persons through their e-mail. At the time of voting, the user can specify their id and password. To ensure more security, finger prints of the voter is used as the main authentication resource. Since the finger pattern of each human being is different, the voter can be easily authenticated. The system allow the voter to vote through his fingerprint. Finger print is used to uniquely identify the user. The finger print minutiae features are different for each human being. Finger print is used as a authentication of the voters. As soon as they cast their vote, their voter id and other details will be erased automatically and the aadhar card details which they used will be tracked and will be locked to access. This is done to preserve the security. When people cast their vote the results will be updated automatically and on the same day of election, the results will also be published. Also our proposed system supports the online voting too.