Barcode Technology

BARCODE is a method of automatic identification & data collection, also known as the “Universal Product Code” (UPC). BARCODE is use the Binary System for coding & decoding. It has the series of bars & space representing alpha numeric information. Each bar represent “1” &space represent “0”. A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products. Originally, barcodes represented data in the widths (lines) and the spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or 1D (1 dimensional) barcodes or symbologies. They also come in patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns within images termed 2D (2 dimensional) matrix codes or symbologies. Although 2D systems use symbols other than bars, they are generally referred to as barcodes as well. Barcodes can be read by optical scanners called barcode readers, or scanned from an image by special software.