Safalsha Babu

Calicut, India,

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Pin Foundation

Pin foundation systems allow the construction of structures with substantial loads in areas with soft soils or in places where existing groundcover retention is desired. Construction requires a heavy dutyair compressor and minor labour without

Onix Microfluid Platform

Microfluidic System provides a total solution for controlling the perfusion and gas environment for time-lapse, live-cell imaging applications. microfluidic plate can be used with typical inverted microscopes and fits a standard multiwell plate stage

Biomechatronic Hand

The objective of the work describe in this paper is to develop an artificial hand aimed at replicating the appearance and performance of the natural hand the ultimate goal of this research is to ob...

Hybrid-Cascaded Multilevel Converter

The hybrid-cascaded multilevel converter proposed in this paper can actualize the charging and discharging of the battery cells while the terminal voltage or SOC balance control can be realized at the same time.