Wind Power Generation

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This paper deals with wind power generation and the problems that arise in generation. As energy crisis is very high in case of developing countries like India, there came urgent need to look for other sources of energy that are clean and pollution free as conventional sources cause much pollution. This paved path for non-conventional sources. Of all the renewable energy sources; the one that has matured to the level of being a utility generation source is wind energy .It is estimated that wind potential is 1.6*10 7MW which is same as world energy requirement. But the only problem is that wind speed is highly fluctuating. So many problems arise during power generation. So we mainly concentrate on the problems occurred during generation and how they can be rectified. The problems faced are due to local impacts and system impacts.

Local impacts deal with the impacts that occur in the vicinity of the wind turbine or wind farm. System impacts are the impacts that affect the behavior of the system as a whole. Using modern power electronics and special type of wind turbines that suit to the conditions can solve local impacts. Designing turbines to withstand voltage variations of certain magnitudes can rectify system impacts to some extent. Controlling the rotor speed by gear mechanism can rectify problems due to high wind or computer aided techniques.

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