Virus and Anti Viruses

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Viruses: A virus is basically an executable file which is designed such that first of all it should be able to infect documents, then it has to have the ability to survive by replicating itself and then it should also be able to avoid detection.Computer viruses can be classified into several different types.

Antiviruses: The ideal solution to the threat of viruses is prevention. Do not allow a virus is get into the system in first place. This goal is in general difficult to achieve, although prevention can reduce the no: of successful viral attacks

In the mid-eighties, so legend has it, the Amjad brothers of Pakistan ran a computer store. Frustrated by computer piracy, they wrote the first computer virus, a boot sector virus called Brain. From those simple beginnings, an entire counter-culture industry of virus creation and distribution emerged, leaving us today with several tens of thousands of viruses. In just over a decade, most of us have been familiar with the term computer virus.

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