Ultra Density Optical Technology

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Ultra Density Optical technology, commonly referred to as UDO, is the ideal successor to Magneto Optical (MO) archival storage because it adheres to the 5.25" ISO standard form factor. UDO offers customers more than three times the capacity of MO, with 33% faster file access, 8 MB/sec read transfer rates and a lower longer term cost of ownership; roughly 84% per GB less than MO. UDO will deliver the highest level of data integrity and trustworthiness with phase change write once recording and is considered the new 30 GB standard for professional optical storage; ideal for customers who must meet international, commercial and governmental archival regulations.

Phase Change Technology utilizes the heat from a blue laser to write data on the recording surface of optical media. The laser records data marks by altering the reflective quality of the recording surface. This is done by changing the physical state of the media's recording layer from a crystalline to an amorphous state, which produces bright to dark marks on the media.

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