Thermal Barrier Coatings on IC Engines

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Thermal barrier Coating (TBC), a new technique used at present scenario. TBC is a thin layer of ceramic coating applied to combustion chamber components, mainly for piston crown, valves, cylinder cover and cylinder walls. By using this technique, the present problems could be solved to some extent.

Thermal barrier coatings becoming increasingly important in providing thermal insulation for heat engine components. Thermal insulation reduces in-cylinder heat transfer from the engine combustion chamber and also components structural temperature. Containment of heat also contributes to increase in cylinder work and offers higher exact temperature for energy recovery. Lower component structural temperature will result in greater durability.

The problem faced by gas turbine engineers was the failure of components exposed to not combustion gases. This problem was exacerbated by oxidizing components of combustion gas (C02 and O2), high pressure (4 MPa) and the very high loads experienced by gas turbine blades. Common causes of failure in hot end of component even to date are creep, oxidation and thermo-mechanical fatigue.

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