The New Smart Eraser Design

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The paper puts forward a kind of mechanism design scheme, the mechanism can automatically detect the blackboard chalk stains, and erase the font, keep the blackboard clean. In this paper, the hardware system and software have been connected with each other, and tell us how to get installed. It introduces the principle of the mechanism, the method of image processing, and calculates the relationship of the displacement, velocity, acceleration and structure. This wipe mechanism adopts crank slider mechanism which has a good wipe effect.

he traditional blackboard chalk dust is a common problem in the traditional blackboard-eraser-chalk architecture (Ren, 2002). Lots of improved blackboard eraser structure came into being, but these improvements changed the original wipe, or not fundamentally solve the problem, or too costly and difficult to spread (Hu & Wan, 2008). For this reason, the design is based on the traditional blackboard-eraser-chalk called intelligent wipe chalk system, its connotation of “smart” includes moving, positioning, wipe (Wang, Song, & Wang, 2009). The design is able to achieve automated clean the blackboard and collect dust, which has a good prospect.

Bodies base on traditional blackboard and eraser size. The mechanism consists of three motors A, B, and C, three guide rails a, b, c, three sliders 1, 2, 3 and a slider-crank mechanism. Slider 1 and slider 4 are connected by rails c, and rails c is installed on them, can be moved in parallel with the slider, power-driven provided by three motors A, B, C. Motor A drives the left and right movement of beams c, and motor B drives the vertical movement of the slider 3, C is the power source of the slider-crank mechanism which driven rotary motion slider to rub c moving up and down along the rail, together with the installation in 2 below the blackboard

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