Telemedicine Systems - Project

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This project is used in hospitals, because the patients in the ICU need a constant monitoring of their body, Respiratory Temp, Saline Status and ECG. Our project is a working model that incorporates sensors to measure all these parameters and transfer it to the computer, so that the patient condition can be analyzed to by doctors in any part of the hospital wherever they are. thus it reduces doctor’s work load and also gives more accurate results, wherever there is an abnormality fell by the patient, we have also incorporated saline monitoring system which gives an alarm when the saline bottle about to empty.

The mobile phone has been recognized as a possible tool for telemedicine since it became commercially available.

The aim of this project is to utilize computer systems as access terminals for general enquiry and patient monitoring services. We also utilize mobile phones for sending short messages to doctor, if patient is in distress.

With this system, authorized users, who can be doctor or patient's Relatives, can view the patient's monitored physiological parameters on access terminals. The current and foreseen ageing of the world population has made patient-monitoring an attractive application because such services would enable early detection and diagnosis of pathological symptoms in elderly patients, who generally suffer from chronic diseases.

Note:- This is electronic engineering project

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