Stress Analysis On 500mw And Newly Designed 800mw Swing Valve - Project

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A swing valve or a non return valve is a type of check valve used at the inlet of high pressure boilers. The valve permits the flow only in one direction i.e to the boiler from the pump. The valves basic design was developed by Toa Valve Corporation of Japan and is now manufactured and used in 500 MW power plants by BHEL India-The major and largest heavy electrical manufacturer of India.

The paper- a mini project mainly elucidates on design and analysis of 500 MW of size 450mm and 2500class swing valve using ANSYS Work bench. The designs were all based on ANSIB16.34. Then by using the maximum stress and Factor of safety values a same type of swing valve of size 600mm and 3000 class for 800 MW power plants-a new project of BHEL Trichy was developed, designed and modeled using PRO-E Wildfire .The valve was then analyzed and maximum stress values were calculated. From the result, to optimize and reduce stresses for higher pressures, the thickness was increased and design was modified. The equivalent stress values of both the valves were found to be below allowable stress limit of material. The same 3D model was analyzed and was supported by results also from ANSYS.10. The project also throws light on specifications of the new valve. A few modifications such as filleting the sharp edges inside the valve and weight reduction were done in this project.

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