Steel Plant

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The plant is modern complex with 3 batteries of 67 ovens, each 7 meters tall and with facilities for recovery of valuable coal chemical from the coke oven gas .Besides having the tallest ovens in the country ,other sophisticated technologies like selective crushing of coal to improve the coke quality and dry cooling of coke by inert gas(Nitrogen) as secondary energy recovery and pollution control system have been incorporated.

Here iron ore fines, coke breeze, limestone and dolomite along with recycled metallurgical waste are converted into agglomerated mass, which forms 80% of the iron bearing charging in the blast furnace. The important units of the plant are: two sinter achiness each having 312 Of gate area, well designed dust extraction system for pollution control, raw material storage bins, flux and fuel crushing and screening plant etc.

This is the place where hot metal (Pig Iron) is extracted from iron ore, sinter, coke and limestone. These raw materials are charged in the furnace fro top and hot air is blown through 32 tuyeres which are located at the bottom of the furnace due to the chemical reaction at high temperature iron ore is reduced to pig iron. Molten pig iron and slag are tapped from furnace at regular intervals. VSP’S 3 blast furnaces each with the effective volume of 5000 cubic meters are India’s largest blast furnaces

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