Solar Wind Hybrid System

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Energy is vital for sustaining life on earth. Energy was, is and will remain the basic foundation which determines the stability of economic development any nation. It is needed to increase the quality of life at present the power shortage is a major hurdle in progress of the nation. Hence there is a need optimally and economically design and develop all the possible non-conventional energy resources to reduce the void between supply and demand of electrical power.

The detailed study of electrical power systems is a key element of many curricula in Industrial Technology. The set-up consists of a photo-voltaic solar-cell array, a mast mounted wind generator, lead-acid storage batteries, etc. This hybrid solar-wind power generating system is extensively used to illustrate electrical concepts in hands-on laboratories and demonstrations in the Industrial Technology curriculum.

These systems give better reliability, reduce pollution and are a good tool for the utility for demand side management. In coming years, man will have to increasingly depend on renewable energy sources. Because of the disadvantages involved in using solar or wind energy individually, a hybrid system which avoids the individual advantages will become more famous in coming years. Also the renewable energy equipments will become cheaper and efficient with modern technology.

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