Solar Power Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning can be as high as 25-40% of a household’s annual energy costs Many low-income residents cannot afford this and go without air conditioning 60,000 homes in Houston without power in 2001; only 14,443 in all of Texas received assistance Senior citizens accounted for 14 out of 20 heat-related deaths in Houston in 2001

CDC reports fans are useless at temperatures above 90 deg F with humidity above 35% Spur movement of hot, humid air Causes increased heat stress – accelerates body heating and raises internal body temperature Essentially turns room into convection oven Should not be used for preventing heat-related illness in areas of high humidity

    Problem persists despite local efforts to help
  • Window air conditioners donated, but wiring in many homes cannot handle added load
  • 1998 fatality: widower had turned off air conditioner to save money
  • Houston libraries and multipurpose centers open as cooling centers, but inaccessible to some: elderly less mobile, afraid to leave     home, lack transportation.

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