Satellite Communication

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  • Satellite is a repeater in the sky.
  • Receives uplink frequencies and translates to downlink frequencies and transmits back to the earth station after amplification.
  • The translation is done to avoid +ve feed back.
  • Trying to receive and transmit an amplified version of the same uplink waveform at the same satellite will cause unwanted feedback, or ring around, from the downlink antenna back into the receiver.

What is a communications satellite and how does it work?

A communications satellite is a radio relay station in orbit above the earth that receives, amplifies, and redirects analog and digital signals carried on a specific radio frequency. In addition to communications satellites.

In satcom the satellite acts as a media for the data transfer between the source and destination.Between the source and destination we use a pair of frequencies to communicate.The Satellite acts as a frequency translator and amplifier.

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