RTO Based Vehicular Adhoc Network - Project

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This project is based on hardware components in this project it will automatically transmit signals from a sign board which are installed by RTO at road side it will transmit signals which will contain necessary information and it will be catch by the receiver which is going to be installed that the user end that means in the car or any other vehicle.


In this project the sign board which are install at the roads side by the RTO in that sign board there will be transmitter which will transmit frequency or digital signals continuously and that signals will be catched by the receiver installed in the vehicle as and when the signals are catched by the receiver it will raise an alarm or a warning displaying the necessary message. For example if the road is one way and the car driver does not know that this road is one way and the driver is entering into that one way road then the receiver will catch the signals from the sign board and tell the receiver that you are entry in a one way traffic so please avoid doing this other wise you will be fined or the desired message will be displayed so the driver will come to know that he or she is entering into the restricted area so he or she can be save by not entering in that area e sign board and it will display the message to the receiver in this way it will work and all the necessary information will be given by the transmitter.

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