Retrofitting of Concrete Building with Steel

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Steel elements used in retrofitting Steel elements in the form of plates, channels, angles, I-sections along with anchor bolts / through bolts could be used for retrofitting a damaged RCC building. The detailing of the joints of Steel members with the cracked RCC members requires study of the nature of cracks, their extent and depth. Since, it is very easy to give the steel members different shapes, it could be detailed in the most favourable way to fit into the system according to its necessity and available spaces.

The structural behaviour and its failure mechanisms could be classified broadly as Global and Local based on the symptoms manifested in its failing members. If the redundancy of the structural system as a Global is high, the non-performance of a few members may not lead to the absolute failure of the structure unless redundancy reduces to zero. But the failure of main members may impair the Global system. It is easier to carry out retrofit on the structural elements, if it is confined to the Local one and does not affect the Global system of the structure.

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