Private Homeowner Drinking Water Issues

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Disinfection Shock Chlorination may work for small numbers of coliform bacteria. Should be conducted after all well repairs, flooding, or problems with elevated bacterial counts. After shock disinfection – retesting for total coliform, standard plate count, and nuisance bacteria may be need.

U-V Sterilizer - The Selection of UV unit system depends on the following:

  • General Water Quality

  • Turbidity

  • Hardness

  • Iron and Manganese

  • Bacterial Levels

  • Source Water Type and Overall

  • Water Quality

Iron Removal - Form and concentration is important as follows

  • Oxidized = visible, orange stain
  • Reduced = colorless

Removal Method

  • Water Softener

  • Chlorination / Filtration

  • Oxidizing Filter

  • Ozone

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