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Customer services should therefore include the whole product life cycle, starting from customer identification requirements and expectations as a quality action. According to W.E. Deming and J. Juran, organizations that focus on quality process approach must modify the existing quality management system, quality tools and methods of quality management.

Base on M. Dudek-Burlikowska and D. Szewieczek, they stress out on concept of “process approach” is very general as it fit to all companies. It is because the combination in transparent ways all key mechanism which result from requirements for quality management system and quality process. The new edition standard of ISO 9000:2000, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 9004:2000 are based on the process approach during preparation, implementation and improvement of effectiveness of quality system management aiming at increase of the customer’s satisfaction by fulfillment of requirements.

Likewise every organization subsist a detail chain process, practical with each other, perform a link of processes, where output range are at the same time of inputs range of the after process or base information for the process occurring in parallel. Quality output operation in the process preceding becomes a condition for the success of the subsequent operation. Any unforeseen nonconformity causes maladjustment, which results in deterioration of the process and possibility of errors in operation process and defects in the final product.

The objective of the article is to proofing the mistake or error for the implementation of quality Zero Quality Defects with usage of the Poka-Yoke method. It takes two example of company to analyze the method for improving quality tool of operations. Both of the organizations are operating in manufacturing automotive parts. M. Dudek-Burlikowska and D. Szewieczek is the researcher presenting the new approach for the implementation of quality philosophy Zero Quality Defects with usage of the Poka-Yoke method in the polish organization

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