Pistonless Pump For Rocket

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NASA have developed a Low cost rocket fuel pump which has Comparable performance to turbopump at 80-90% lower cost. Perhaps the most difficult barrier to entry in the liquid rocket business is the turbo pump. A turbo pump design requires a large engineering effort and is expensive to mfg. and test. Starting a turbo pump fed rocket engine is a complex process, requiring a careful of many valves and subsystems.In fact ,Beal aerospace tried to avoid the issue entirely by building a huge pressure feed booster.

Their booster never flew, but the engineering behind it was sound and ,if they had a low cost pump at their disposal ,they might be competing against Boeing. This pump saves up to 90% of the mass of the tanks as compared to a pressure fed system. This pump has really proved to be a boon for rockets . By this pump the rocket does not have to carry heavy load and can travel with very high speed.

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