Night Vision System

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The recent day automotive industries are running towards an endless target in technology aspects with innovations. Current industry notions, advancements in technology components, strength, and size, as well as consumer expectations, are about to take quantum leaps forward into the realm of intelligent vehicles that come equipped with extrasensory perception to decrease driver response time and assist in all elements associated with the act of driving. Advances in active safety promise to reduce the most dangerous aspects of driving and provide protection not only for the occupants in the vehicle but for others on and near the road. Active safety features enabled by forward-thinking manufacturers include: night vision system (NVS) that uses infra-red rays and thermal imaging technology that provides high-resolution visibility in the darkest road conditions to eliminate impact-related injuries.The NVS illuminates everything by utilizing a series of projection bulbs and cameras, and it picks up the faintest traces of light or heat from the obstacles and transforms it into a clear picture.

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